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Santa Fe Food Policy Council
Devoted to creating and maintaining a regional food system that provides our community with safe and nutritious food at a reasonable cost
  • Planning Santa Fe's Food Future: Querencia—A Story of food, farming and friends is an October, 2014 publication of the Santa Fe Food Policy Council.

    Planning Santa Fe's Food Future is a call to action to address gaps and strengthen assets in Santa Fe's food system through policy recommendations.

Welcome to Santa Fe Food Policy Council

The Santa Fe Food Policy Council is devoted to creating and maintaining a regional food system that provides safe and nutritious food at reasonable prices to all residents, particularly those in need.

The Santa Fe Food Policy Council was established by a joint resolution from the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County. The resolution sets forth the following vision for the Santa Fe food system:

  •  Affordable and nutritious food should be provided in a respectful manner and should be available to all people.
  • A wide variety of safe and nutritious food should be available to city and county residents.
  • Access to safe and nutritious food should not be limited by economic status, location, or other factors beyond a resident’s control.
  • The price of food in the city and county should remain reasonably close to the average price existing in the balance of the region.
  • The region should maintain the natural resources, land base, infrastructure and skill sets that are necessary to produce food.
  • All reasonable efforts should be taken to improve the incomes and decrease the needs of those who are most susceptible to food insecurity.
  • The availability of food to persons in need should be improved within the city and county to reduce poverty as a barrier to obtaining a healthy diet for all residents.

The 13 member Council meets the 4th Thursday of every month except for November and December which is the 3rd Thursday due to the holidays. Meetings are open to the public. The Council meets at 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at the Food Depot located at 1222 Siler Road.

Why the Need?
In Santa Fe County, obesity and diabetes levels are above the national averages, and pressure for development threatens agricultural land and water resources. An effective way to address these issues is through a coordinated approach—one that provides an opportunity for both the public and private sectors to participate—one that results in meaningful solutions. A proven way to do this is through a food policy council.

Some of the council’s recent policy accomplishments include completing an assessment of the city and county’s foodshed (the area where our food comes from which provides information on our community’s food culture and access issues from which to make recommendations for institutional changes. The collected information provides a picture of the health of our community members.

The Council has held community conversations and focus groups with seniors at City and County senior centers to hear from them directly about the needs and challenges related to food and food access.  Also collected are statistics related to hunger and how many residents get support from local food banks or shelters.

This year, the Council is developing a Food Plan for the Santa Fe Region. We are talking with community members to collect information which helps us direct our efforts and ensure that our work upholds the priorities determined by our community. Through this process we aim to promote equity and sustainability within our food system that will help improve our community’s relationship with food on collective and individual levels.